Dan & Barb Montague

About Dan & Barb Montague

Dan spent 48 years in secular employment, while serving the Lord in many church leadership and teaching roles. He always knew in his heart there was more, and took the step of being ordained as a Pastor by his church a couple years ago. Now, he has also become a Licensed Minister with International Ministerial Fellowship. His mother knew that from a young boy he would someday be a Pastor. She was right!

Dan and Barb are stepping into the leadership team with Restore Minnesota to help restore righteousness to this great state through spiritual and civic transformation. They pioneered the Sherburne County Community Action Team in Elk River, MN in April 2021 and look forward to assisting in the startup and growth of more CATs.

A few years back, the Lord gave Dan and Barb the desire and assignment to pray for righteousness and truth for our country, especially in government. That turned into an on-going weekly Prayer For Our Country gathering that started December 2015. Many elected officials have accepted invitations to come to this Sunday night prayer group to share their hearts and receive encouragement and prayer.

They have lived in the Elk River area (Otsego) for 11 years. They have 20 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.