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About Dan Hall

Dan Hall is an evangelical minister with over four decades of experience in ministry. He served in the Minnesota Senate for ten years and combines his extensive experience in ministry, education, and politics to advocate for religious freedom and promote faith through prayer and a personal relationship with Christ. Senator Hall is well-known for his unwavering support for people of faith and their religious freedoms.

Dan has a background as a former teacher and principal. In addition to his work in education and ministry, he has served as a chaplain for metro police departments and was the founder of Midwest Chaplains, which initiated chaplaincy programs in police and fire departments across Minnesota.

Currently, Dan serves as a chaplain and advisor at the Minnesota Capitol. His commitment to providing spiritual guidance to legislators and staff at the Minnesota Capitol reflects his belief in the importance of faith in governance. He acknowledges the challenges and complexities of politics and serves in government for precisely these reasons.

His initiatives, such as the Truth Report (distributed to nearly 5,000 subscribers), CPR events (Christians Talking Politics and Religion, a monthly event where speakers discuss their perspectives on politics and religion), and Capitol Prayer Network show a dedication to fostering discussions at the intersection of politics and religion, encouraging a deeper understanding of faith in our public arenas.

His passion lies in upholding biblical truth and its relevance to our daily lives while safeguarding our religious freedoms. He believes that a personal prayer life is fundamental to being a Christian, and he considers preserving religious freedom crucial to the future of America. Hence, the mission of his ministry is to promote religious freedom and to increase faith through prayer with the motto, "To increase Him in us."

Dan and his wife, Valerie, have raised eight children and are now blessed with 17 grandchildren in the Twin Cities. Dan's connection to Minnesota is deeply rooted as he spent his formative years here and attended Minneapolis Roosevelt High School and Augsburg College.

Financial contributions play a vital role in enabling Dan to continue his impactful work, covering salary and various expenses associated with his mission to promote religious freedom, increase faith through prayer, and provide spiritual guidance.

The generosity of donors helps sustain his efforts by allowing him to reach a broad audience through initiatives like the Truth Report, CPR events, his chaplaincy role, and prayer (intercession) for our state government. These donations enable him to continue advocating for biblical principles while offering guidance to those in need.

The dedication and commitment of supporters who contribute financially are invaluable in ensuring Dan can continue his important work by fostering discussions on faith, politics, and religious freedom while providing spiritual guidance to legislators and the broader community.

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