About David Griffith

The Mighty Oak Tree Foundation

In poverty-stricken areas across northern Thailand, parents are trying to decide whether their children will be able to stay in school or put to work in order to help provide for the family.

The vision of the Mighty Oak Tree (MOT) foundation is to assist these families by giving their children educational scholarships, and equipping families to carry out sustainable, income-generating projects in their homes. Currently they are supporting over 150 students with educational scholarships and look at adding to that number in the years to come.

After a short mission trip to Thailand in 2005, David had a clear calling from God to go back to Thailand to serve the Thai people. After returning to Thailand in late 2005, he took a year to study the language in Bangkok, after which he was called up to Chiang Mai to serve with the MOT foundation in late 2006. After marrying Gan in 2007, they continue to have a passion serving the people of the north. Their vision is to raise up men and woman of God to impact Thailand for Him.