About Lonnie Dufty

Summer 2021 Update Lonnie and Cindy Dufty joined IMF in August 2011 near the end of their 22nd year as Japan based missionaries. For the next five years they served as IMF staff, Lonnie as Missions Director and Cindy as on-call IT support: back in the USA, no longer serving in “the uttermost parts of the world.” This has been an opportunity to focus on their own “Jerusalem and Samaria.” As of the summer of 2021 Lonnie spends the bulk of his ministry time with men who have served time in prison and have committed themselves to growing in Christ. In the local church (Brookdale Covenant, located in Brooklyn Center) Lonnie and Cindy are missionaries of the church and serve in a variety of ministry roles especially as teachers, mentors and, beginning in July, in BCC’s catch-up tutoring program for church and community families. Beyond the local congregation, Lonnie and Cindy are available as English tutors for recently arrived immigrants. Lonnie also serves as a mentor for Freedom Works and one day a week with volunteer-run Bibles For Missions store in Crystal, which devotes the profits to missions in Bulgaria and other eastern European countries.