Michael Yaney

About Michael Yaney

Mike and Mariko Yaney serve in Japan, establishing relationships with Japanese people for the purpose of teaching basic, foundational biblical truths leading to a presentation of Jesus Christ’s Gospel.

For most Japanese people, perceived religious needs can be met through Shinto and Buddhist practices. There exists little, if any, perceived need to consider the teachings of the Bible. Connecting to the Christian church, if such a church even exists in a one’s community, may seem irrelevant, awkward or even scary for most Japanese people. Still, God continues to move and open the hearts of some.

Mike and Mariko connect with people who are open to Bible study primarily through Mike’s weekly English classes. Each English class is followed by a discovery/evangelistic Bible study lasting from 30 to 60 minutes or more.

Mike and Mariko seek to provide a safe place for Japanese people to come and ask questions and hear the claims of Christ. As the Sovereign God works and provides in the historically hard soil of Japan, they desire to partner with the Japanese church to see existing churches in their area thrive (new, growing believers added) and new churches planted (new believers with new pastors in new areas).