About Grace Wick

Streams of Living Water Bible School

Our mission is to help members of the churches of the southern regions of the Philippines, especially pastors and church workers, grow spiritually; to equip them thoroughly, and to engage them wholeheartedly in the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12), by providing a sound educational experience and practical ministry opportunity. This two-year school is specifically developed to train.

We are currently more of a mobile Bible School offering classes in hard to reach mountain areas of Mindanao as well as class in a traditional setting in our home. Our goal is to continue to build relationships with pastors and offer Biblical training in a variety of areas raising a new generation of leaders to go into obscure areas and penetrate the world with the love and knowledge of Jesus. We partner with the local church in grassroots efforts to reach the lost in meaningful ways such as through feeding programs. We would also like to place a minimum of one full-time Bible teacher in the public school system while the opportunity still exists in this nation. This requires financial support so the teacher has a livable wage.