About Jeff & Julie Weber

Mission-"Helping people, marriages and families find restoration in everyday life and in the area of abortion."  Julie and Jeff Weber

We are Julie and Jeff Weber.  We got involved in a marriage ministry because of need;  Julie wanted a divorce.  That started our adventurous journey of learning how to apply God's biblical principles into our marriage.  After daily application of the biblical principles it changed our individual behavior first.  Then it changed our marriage relationship.  We both became  Premarital, Marriage & Family Marriage Ministers through, 2=1.  Then promoted to the Twin Cities Area Leaders.  We began to help others by sharing what had transformed our relationship.  Doing everything from training leaders, teaching classes, partnering with couples in New Zealand, and planting the ministry in Israel.  2=1 stood for covenant marriage.  

1st testimony-Julie's personal salvation happened when I was single and 20 years old I had an abortion.  When I got married I carried my unresolved abortion baggage experience into my marriage.  The unresolved abortion baggage flared up in my marriage relationship causing me to want a divorce, along with my husband Jeff's issues.   In 2=1, I learned that marriage is a covenant and not a contract.  God is not for divorce. I chose to stay in my marriage and continue working on it without getting the divorce.  Traveling each year to Denver, CO for global conventions learning new marriage teachings to impart to the Twin Cities.     

2nd testimony-When Julie was 40 she connected with a ministry leader who invited her to attend her program.  Julie went through her program to get healed from her abortion experience.  As she was going through the program, she drew her healing on paper. These drawings are incorporated in the first book published in 2004, and the workbook published in 2010.  Since we are trained marriage ministers, all our writings, teachings, videos, prayers come from a marriage covenant perspective.     

When we went to Israel, she was teaching at the 2=1 Leadership Training Weekend;  when Julie shared her testimony of overcoming her abortion experience and the healing it brought in our marriage, she was swarmed by the women at the marriage conference. wanting to know how.   At the same time not revealing because they were all leaders in Israel.  There wasn't time to work with them.  Julie received the vision to start this ministry of helping others get healed from abortion.   Our ministry started and is based on these 2 testimonies. 

Julie and Jeff are also licensed reverends and missionaries with the International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF).  They are Premarital, Marriage & Family Marriage Ministers through 2=1 Ministries (former Twin Cities Area leaders).