Curt Quiner

About Curt Quiner

Ministry to Motorcyclists

It may be at a southern Minnesota campground, a western Wisconsin fairground, a casino, a motorcycle dealership, a hotel, a parking lot, the Minneapolis Convention Center, a biker bar wedding, a funeral, or a wedding. Wherever bikers may roam, that’s where the Quiner family will be found

As Chaplain to many different motorcyclist groups, Curt is able to be there for people when they need someone to talk with, and is quick to offer to pray for them--and do it right then.

Curt and Judi say it's amazing to be on the front lines, to see fellow motorcyclists touched by God right where they are--at a motorcycle event! God has granted their family favor with motorcyclists and uses their passion for motorcycles and Jesus to open doors to minister to people who might never enter a church. Their vision is to see people come to the place that they give the handlebars of their life to Jesus, and that they would grow in their relationship with Him.