Max Erickson

About Max Erickson

The “State of Hockey” (as Minnesota is commonly known) is a mission field. Hockey players are a “lost people group” with deep spiritual needs. They may be great athletes, but many come from broken homes, abuse alcohol, are consumed with themselves, and spiritually confused.

Max is a Hockey Sports Missionary and a Hockey chaplain in the MIAC Division III league. He conducts chapel programs in locker rooms and on campus, he does one-on-one mentorship, and leads short-term mission trips.

Max reports: “The reason I care about hockey players is because I am one and know the culture in which they live and play. It’s a rough lifestyle and tough game. There are lots of temptations and bad habits that get formed. Being a Christian in the world of hockey is looked at as being weak. The attitude in the hockey world is you can’t be a good and tough hockey player and be a Christian. They assume Christianity makes you weak. I have been very blessed to have been allowed in to work with these programs mainly because I have played for the majority of these coaches when I was a youth and also in high school. God has been preparing me to work with hockey players all along.”