Bruce Allen

About Bruce Allen

In 1974 attending his first missions conference Bruce heard Jesus whisper to him, " You will bring My name to the ends of the earth!" Now returning to Japan for a third time with his wife, Dorothy, we give God the glory for these years of impacting Japanese, by pioneering new means even via DVD media. A prayer for a Japanese translation while handing out an English version of "Reversing the Curse" (2004 Christian Testimonies of Boston Red Sox - World Series Champs) in a small fishing village in Japan led to the Holy Spirit moving upon Bruce back in Boston. He pressed the DVD producer for action! As Shawn Keith (Athletes in Action Global Media) put it, “I sort of gave him a halfhearted "sure, why not, go ahead, here's the script" and basically thought I would never hear from him again.” A few months later, he emails and says, "It's done, what's next?" In utter disbelief, I was saying to myself “who is this crazy man who got the film translated because of a Japanese pitcher...who is NOT EVEN in it". That is when I got to know the heart of Bruce & Dorothy Allen and their love for Japan and its people.

Bruce and Dorothy Allen were called by the Lord to Japan after two decades of ministries to people of many cultures in the metro-Boston area. Bruce, an ordained minister, has an MA degree in Intercultural Ministries and Dorothy, an MM in Flute Performance. Their burden for the unreached peoples fostered their love for the Japanese (0.2% Christian). On their second mission trip to Japan in 2015 God led them to create an unplanned mission paradigm of home Tea Parties which dovetailed to personal Bible studies and neighbors freely bringing their own musical instruments. Bruce and Dorothy were determined to attack Satan's stronghold of the arts in Japan by a classical Flute and Poetry Recital. Unsaved people heard of Jesus through poetry, Scripture, classical music and Christian songs. Two Japanese professional musicians they had met on the street attended, an orchestra conductor and a flute soloist who both perform internationally. They have shown interest in Dorothy repeating her program in multiple venues. Bruce and Dorothy plan to continue this paradigm with IMF missionary friends. Dorothy's heart for the “hidden within the hidden”, professional musicians in Japan, enhances Bruce's burden to reach Japanese with his preaching and personal testimony: Scientist – Sorcerer – Saint – Sent One